Discover the Elusive Elixir for the Skin

At the heart of CONSCIENTIOUS lies our desire and dedication to discover the elusive elixir that could meet all our skin care needs. We went to great lengths around the world to source for the best in nature and unlocked the great powers which lies within each ingredient, discovering what was once thought to be unattainable and impossible, setting a new level of perfection and standard in luxury skin care.

Pushing the boundaries in innovation and excellence, our ultimate goal is to create a unique product that delivers timeless results – making beautiful, desirable skin achievable for everyone.

Introducing the Exclusive High-Performance Essence Spray

After years of extensive research and development, we finally perfected the most exclusive and ultimate luxurious essence spray. As we know the very definition of beauty is unique to everyone at different times, we created a revolutionary skin care that is smart enough to adapt to all your individuals’ skin needs, whenever and where it’s most needed.

CONSCIENTIOUS Men's Skin Care & High-End Beauty Product Essence Spray 男性提亮,保湿和延缓老化的精华喷雾美容产品

An Essence Spray of Golden Proportions

Infused with high concentration of only the finest ingredients, each drop of our CONSCIENTIOUS Essence is a “waterless” spray that is now greatly enhanced with the use of gold to provide instant and revolutionary results which transforms the look of the skin.

Gold is an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties – a true indulgence that’s beneficial for the skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties is ideal for those dealing with sensitive, hyper pigmented, and acne-scarred skin. As far as ageing is concerned, gold also helps repair skin damage while adding radiance and glow with its intense light-reflecting colour. It improves skin elasticity, giving it a firming effect and combating environmental aggressors and daily pollutants.


  • After cleansing, spray 5 – 8 times evenly over the entire face.
  • Can also be used during the day as desired.

How It

High Concentration

Each drop of CONSCIENTIOUS Essence is infused with potent high concentrations of the finest, purest and most botanical ingredients, directly from nature’s best onto the skin.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Created by cutting-edge technology which allows each nano-sized molecule to penetrate through your skin in each drop.


The ingredients work together synergistically to provide instant and revolutionary results which transforms the look of the skin.

All Botanical Highly Concentrated


  1. Convenient on-the-go spray, which you can use anytime
  2. Ultra-lightweight and quick-absorbing, leaving your skin feeling instantly energized
  3. High-performing active ingredients that boost intense hydration
  4. Smoothens out rough skin texture
  5. Increases skin’s elasticity and firmness
  6. Regulates excessive sebum and tightens pores, leaving your skin matte and smooth
  7. Strengthens your skin’s resistance to damage
  8. Evens skin tone and lightens dark spots to reveal brighter and healthier skin
  9. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin*
  10. Paraben-Free and Silicone-Free

*As this is an incredibly active product, discontinue use if you experience itching or irritation.

27 Potent High-Concentrated Patent Ingredients

For the 1st time, captured in a single bottle, CONSCIENTIOUS Essence Spray is ingeniously formulated^ with a powerful blend of 27 patented active ingredients, making up 60% of its total contents, resulting in a revolutionary breakthrough in skin care.

^ Most brands in the market contain less than 5 patent ingredients in the range of 10 – 20% in total content.

CONSCIENTIOUS By RIWAY - A High-End Beauty Product For All Your Skin Care Needs 能延缓老化,提亮,保湿与紧致肌肤的美容产品